Storm King

Burlesquing Media

Mel Ramos retrospective
at Bernaducci Meisel Gallery


The Fallacy of Art Appreciation
Is art as good for us as it is popularly presumed to be?

Innocence as a Political Tool
9/11 Through Young Eyes at DC Moore Gallery

Modern Martyr
A review of Meryle Secrest’s Modigliani: A Life

Objects of Devotion and Desire
From medieval relics to contemporary art at Hunter College

Three Faiths, One Hymnal
Historic manuscripts and printed texts at the New York Public Library

Lucien Freud, the Real Thing? Really?
A review of Man with a Blue Scarf: On Sitting for a Portrait by Lucian Freud
by Martin Gayford

Storm King at Fifty
The permanent collection + anniversary installations

Uneasy Communion
Myth as history at the Museum of Biblical Art

Transcendent Imagination
Drawings by Emily Nelligan & Marvin Bileck at Alexandre Gallery

A Memorial & An Accidental Elegy
Albert York at Davis & Langdale; Alan Feltus at Forum

The Sacred Made Real
Spanish Painting and Sculpture 1600-1700 at the National Gallery

From Afar
Israel Hershberg's landscapes at Marlborough

More From CityArts
Egyptian funerary art at the Brooklyn Museum; Milton Avery’s early industrial paintings at Knoedler; accumulations of stuff at Allan Stone

From CityArts
Irving Petlin’s paintings; Bernardo Siciliano’s girlie pix; a Leonardo da Vinci for Times Square

December Grab Bag
Post-war art at Knoedler; two centuries of American sculpture at Hirschl & Adler

Only in America
American Stories: Paintings of Everyday Life, 1765-1915 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

A Quest for the Historical Jesus in Pictures
Selections of James Tissot's watercolors for The Life Of Christ at the Brooklyn Museum

Making the Whole World Kin
An Appreciation of Henry Ossawa Tanner

Accidental Master of the Commonplace
Luis Meléndez’s still lifes at the National Gallery

Sensibility and Substance
Recent collages by Nicol Allan at Davis & Langdale

Letter to a Young Artist
An interview conducted by an art student at Pratt with the author

The New Blacklist
Freedom of speech — unless you annoy the wrong people.

Wired for Art
The Art Instinct: Beauty, Pleasure and Evolution by Denis Dutton, Bloomsbury, 288 pp., $25

Sheila Hicks’ Action Weaving
Miniature woven textiles at Davis & Langdale

French Gothic Woodcuts
Late Gothic coffrets lined with incunabula at C.G. Boerner.

Morandi: Man and Myth
Paintings and etchings at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Vintage photography by Man Ray, Berenice Abbott, and Naomi Savage at Francis M. Naumann Fine Art

Babar's Progress
Early drafts and watercolors by Jean de Brunhoff and son Laurent

Romare Bearden, Master Watercolorist
Watercolors of New York at DC Moore Gallery

Magic and Miniatures
Charles Matton’s boxed constructions at Forum Gallery

Saving the World with Art
Vasily Kandinsky's Munich years at the Guggenheim

Sci-Fi Turns Hi-Culture
Lynette Wallworth’s video installation at Lincoln Center

A Feast of Loathings
Tetsumi Kudo at Andrea Rosen Gallery

The Ring of Truth
Max Beckman, Otto Dix, Georg Grosz, and Christian Schad at The Neue Galerie

Urban Topography
Eight urban landscape painters at Elizabeth Harris Gallery

One Painter on Ceramics, Another on Canvas
Paolo Staccioli’s ceramics at the Italian Cultural Institute; Jordan Wolfson’s
painting at DFN Gallery

Faith Under Glass
Medieval art from the Walters Art Museum at the Museum of Biblical Art

Rockwell's Romantic Realism
Prepatory drawings for Saturday Evening Post covers at The Gallery at The Park Avenue Bank

Art in Pursuit
Gaston Phoebus's incomparable 14th century hunting manual at the Morgan Library

Patrimony Restored
Paintings looted by the Nazis from the collection of Jacques Goudstikker

Verace Pinto, Two Ways
Marc de Montebello at W.M. Brady & Co.; Luciano Ventrone at Bernaducci.Meisel

Two Urbanites
John Dubrow's paintings at Lori Bookstein; Ben Aronson's cityscapes at Tibor de Nagy

Here's the Thing
Still Lifes chosen by Robert Cottingham at the Katonah Museum

Stale Collectors And A Fresh Sculptor
The Logan Collection at Vassar College; John Anderson's sculpture at Allan Stone Gallery

Rain Forest Couture
Pre-Columbian Peruvian featherworks at the Met

Books, Buildings and Embellishment
Alice Morse's book covers at Grolier Club; Diana Horowitz's painting at Hirschl & Adler; Don Joint's textiles and paintings at Frances Naumann Fine Art.

New York Two Times
Rudy Burckhardt's New York photos and Yvonne Jacquette's New York nocturnes at the Museum of the City of New York

A Finnish IPO
Ars Fennica at Scandinavia House

Aesthetics Without Racial Polemics
200 years of African American Art at Michael Rosenfeld Gallery

Something Old, Something New
Old Master drawings and oil sketches at W.M. Brady; Collages, assemblages and good stuff by Mac Premo and Robert Warner at Pavel Zoubok

Weiner's World
Lawrence Weiner's reductio ad absurdum at the Whitney Museum

A Search for Home
Romare Bearden’s collage series “Black Odyssey” at DC Moore

Saving Face or Losing It?
A collection of tribal and contemporary masks at James Cohan Gallery

Dynamic Impulse
The drawings of Stuart Davis at Hollis Taggart Galleries

The Aura of Authenticity
Ghiberti’s Gates of Paradise at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Shattering Glass
Contemporary American studio glass at the Katonah Museum

With Nothing to Prove
Elizabeth’s O’Reilly’s painting and collages at George Billis Gallery; Alexandra Athanassiades’s sculpture at Kouros Gallery; also Sam Fogg LTD. in New York City

Everyday Enchantments
Recent paintings by Wayne Thiebaud at Paul Thiebaud Gallery in New York City

Scratch-and-Sniff Evangelism
“The Art of Forgiveness: Images of the Prodigal Son” at the Museum of Biblical Art

Life in the Slow Lane & Parking Lot
Paintings by Philip Geiger and Anna Hostvedt at Tibor de Nagy

From Synagogue to Carousel
“Gilded Lions and Jeweled Horses” at the American Folk Art Museum

William Wegman at Senior & Shopmaker Gallery; plus J.P. Donleavy at the National Arts Club; Margaret Neill at Cheryl Pelavin Fine Art

Paris, Redux
“Americans in Paris: Abstract Painting in the Fifties” at Tibor de Nagy Gallery

Botanical Eden
Rare botanical prints and drawings from the Caribbean in the LuEsther T. Mertz Library at the New York Botanical Gardens.

Not a Footnote Anymore
Cecilia Beaux at The High Museum, Atlanta

Three Briefs
Bill Scott at Hollis Taggart; Susan Sykes at Bernaducci-Meisel, Joanne Mattera at OK Harris

Easy Pleasure
Wolf Kahn’s pastels at Ameringer & Yohe

Sensibility Reigns
Modern and contemporary collage at Pavel Zoubok Gallery; Roland Kulla’s bridgescapes at George Billis Gallery

The Spirit of the Thing
Tribal Art at Betty Cuningham Gallery

A Feast of Malfeasance
“Fakes and Forgeries: The Art of Deception” at Bruce Museum

Bound by Time
Joseph Cornell and Jirì Kolàr at Pavel Zoubok, Arden Scott at Kathryn Markel Fine Arts

Division of Labor
Italian Divisionism/Neo-Impressionism at the Guggenheim Museum

Light and Shadow
Ethiopian sacred art at the Museum of Biblical Art

Gifted Nonconformity
Ten years at Lori Bookstein Fine Art; Derrick Guild at Allan Stone Gallery

Out to Lunch, Again
Judy Chicago’s “The Dinner Party” in perpetuity at the Brooklyn Museum

A Painterly Controversy
The paintings of William Merritt Chase and Robert Henri and their students at the Bruce Museum

Material Witnesses
Jane Susan Walp at Tibor de Nagy Gallery; John Morra at Hirschl & Adler Modern

The Body as Raw Material
“Photography and the Self: the Legacy of F. Holland Day” at the Whitney

Winter Trio
Laurie Fendrich at Katherina Rich Perlow; Alice Federico at George Billis Gallery, Makoto Fujimura at Sara Tecchia Roma

Bodies Tumbling After the Fall
Kiki Smith’s 25-year retrospective at the Whitney Museum of American Art

Paris As It Never Was
“Americans in Paris” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Nothing Left to Hide
“Why the Nude?” at the Art Students League; Jacob Collins’ nudes at Hirschl & Adler

And Then There Was Light
The art and collection of James A. Suydam at the National Academy Museum

The Stockholder Code
Jessica Stockholder at Mitchell-Innes & Nash

Painting the City
Cityscapes at George Billis Gallery

Illuminating the Word
The St. John’s Bible at the Museum of Biblical Art

Landscape Enlivened / Collage Tamed
Contemporary landscape painting at Lohin Geduld Gallery; Ten years of collage at Pavel Zoubok Gallery

Cruel Aesthetes
Treasures of Sacred Maya Kings at the Metropolitan Museum

A Radical Postal Clerk
Arnold Friedman at Hollis Taggart Galleries; Bruce Gagnier at Lori Bookstein Fine Art; Ed Musante at Paul Thiebaud Gallery

A Pioneer & A Wizard of Proportion
Arthur Dove’s watercolors at Alexandre Gallery; Sal Federico at George Billis Gallery

New York’s Uneasy Modernist
Max Weber’s Still Lifes at Gerald Peters Gallery

Matter-of-Fact Still Lifes & The Last Man Standing
Victor Pesce at Elizabeth Harris Gallery; Charles Seliger at Michael Rosenfeld Gallery

A Rare and Joyeous Alchemy
Fred Otnes at Reece Galleries; Selina Trieff at George Billis Gallery; Peter Hoffer at Kathryn Markel Fine Art

Secularizing the Sacred
Our Sacred Signs: How Jewish, Christian and Muslim Art Draw from the Same Source by Ori Z. Soltes. Westview Press, $29.95.

Rouault’s Anguished World
“Miserere et Guerre” at the Musueum of Biblical Art

The Extraordinary is Everywhere
Fairfield Porter at Betty Cuningham Gallery; Tim Kennedy at First Street Gallery; Tula Telfair at Forum Gallery

Stories to Tell
The Golden Age of Illustration at the Dahesh Museum

O Beautiful, for Spacious Skies
Frederic Edwin Church’s paintings from Olana plus a private Hudson River School collection

Beauty, Price and Provenance
"Home and Abroad: Landscape Painting in France and Italy 1780-1860" at Salander-O’Reilly’s new digs.

Worshipping at the Altar of Minimalism
Maria Elena González at Knoedler & Co., Henry Rothman’s collages at Lori Bookstein Fine Art.

A Trendy Dead End
Christopher Winter at Salander-O’Reilly

Can Barbarians Have Good Taste?
Review of “What Good are the Arts?” by John Carey

Fin-de-Siècle Europhile Painting
American Tonalism at Spanierman Gallery

Painting by Other Means
Collages by Lance Letscher at Howard Scott Gallery and Mario Naves at Elizabeth Harris.

The Romanticism of Flowers
Paintings and prints by Pierre-Joseph Redouté at the New York Botanical Society

The Radically Mundane
Charles Burchfield at DC Moore Gallery; Robert Henri at Gerald Peters Gallery; Elizabeth O’Reilly and Maryam Amiryani at George Billis Gallery

Gilding the Lily
David Milne watercolors at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Figure: Expressionist Classicism
John Graham at Allan Stone Gallery; Alan Feltus at Forum Gallery

Myth vs. Reality
Magdalena Abakanowicz at Marlborough; plus Helen Miranda Wilson’s first exhibited abstractions at DC Moore

Marks of Distinction
Two hundred years of drawings and watercolors from the Hood Museum at the National Academy Museum

Homer and the French Academy
“The Legacy of Homer: Four Centuries of Art from the Ecole Nationale Superiure des Beaux Arts, Paris” at the Dahesh and at Princeton

Cityscapes, Whimsy and Bloomsbury, Too
Ron Milewicz at George Billis Gallery; Babar at Mary Ryan Gallery; the Bloomsbury group and some others at Davis and Langdale.

Season Openers
Ken Kewley’s collages at Lori Bookstein; Michael Tompkins’s still lifes come to New York; Biomorphic abstraction from the 1940s at Michael Rosenfeld.

Ahab in Maine
Neil Welliver’s memorial exhibition at Alexandre Gallery

Lessons from the Academy
Selections from the permanent collection at the Dahesh Museum

The Black and the Baudy
Black paintings at Betty Cuningham Gallery; priapism at Mary Ryan Gallery

Summer Pleasures
Cynthia Knott and the American Sublime; Karen Weiner and the American frontier, maybe; Zeuxis and the enduring still life.

No Asset to Ground Zero
Drawing Center culture at the Ground Zero memorial

Myth and its Discontents
Dances of Death at Tatischeff Gallery; mawkish grown-ups at M.Y. Prospects

Landscapes from Home and Middle-Earth
Rick Dula’s industrial landscapes at George Billis Gallery; John Rasely at Allan Stone; David Dewey at Bernaducci-Meisel.

Under the Sheets with Four Impressionists
Review of Jeffrey Meyers’s “Impressionist Quartet: The Intimate Genius of Manet and Morisot, Degas and Cassatt;” plus Barbara Grossman at New York Studio School

A Tammany Hall Salon
The National Academy’s 180th annual exhibition; plus Hubertus Gojowczyk’s bewitchments at Achim Moeller Fine Art

Sweet May
Drawings and prints by Emily Nelligan and Marvin Bileck at Alexandre Gallery; Jane Piper at Hollis Taggart; Cornelia Foss at DFN

From Here to Obscurity
Larry Rivers at Marlborough; plus Susannah Phillips at Lori Bookstein Fine Art; Francis Luis Mora (1894-1940) at ACA Galleries; Willem de Kooning at Paul Thiebaud Gallery

An Unmanifesto
A Proposal to Retire “Catholic Art”

A Treasure Hunt
American drawings and watercolors at DC Moore Gallery; plus, a brief homily by Israel Hershberg

Three Realists
Israel Hershberg in group show at Marlborough; Philip Pearlstein’s paintings from the 1960’s at Adam Baumbold; William Bailey at Betty Cuningham

Keeping Faith with Observation
Documentary photography by Ian Teh at Jack Shainman; Paintings by Adele Alsop at Alexandre Gallery

Telling the American Story
Hollis Taggart’s 25th Anniversary Exhibition

Do-It-Yourself Mythmaking
R.B. Kitaj’s Painting at Marlborough Gallery and a Manifesto, Too.

A Chat with A Dealer
Virginia Zabriskie’s 50 Years as a Friend of Art and Artists

Dog-Patch Aesthetics vs. The Real Thing
Petah Coyne at Galerie Lelong; Loren MacIver at Alexandre Gallery; Henri Plaat and Vincent Hamel at Howard Scott

Heavy Machinery and Gnomic Vignettes
Old and new collages by John Walker at Knoedler & Co; Saul Steinberg’s New Yorker covers at PaceWildenstein

Paradise Regained
Collage and boxed assemblages by Hannelore Baron; plus invented architecture by Stephen Talasnik and Maine watercolors by Susan Shatter

Art, the Destroyer
“Rape of the Masters: How Political Correctness Sabotages Art” by Roger Kimball, Encounter Books

An American in Paris; Another on Long Island
John Dubrow at Lori Bookstein Fine Arts; Jane Freilicher at Tibor de Nagy

Jack Levine at DC Moore Gallery; Vincent Smith at Alexandre Gallery; plus Robert Bauer’s drawings at Forum Gallery

Cassatt’s Pioneering Inventiveness
Counterproofs by Mary Cassatt at Adelson Galleries; plus Balthus in a midtown window

Just Looking
Dawn Clements at Pierogi and Feigen Contemporary; Uri Blayer at Tatischeff

Gallery-Going Round-up
Alexi Worth and Jane Wilson at DC Moore Gallery; Charles Cajori at Lohin-Geduld Gallery; Stuart Shils at Tibor de Nagy Gallery; Group show at the Painting Center

Following Her Instincts
Joan Snyder’s Womanart at Alexandre Gallery and Betty Cuningham Gallery

Fragile Realms of Memory
Edward Hopper and John Marin: Works on Paper at Hirschl Adler

Bartleby, Uptown & Pascal, Downtown
Albert York at Davis & Langdale; Giorgio Morandi at Lucas Schoormans Gallery; Nicholas Evans-Cato at George Billis Gallery

Pattern Painting, Still
Robert Kushner at DC Moore; Tine Lundsfryd and Rosemarie Beck at Lori Bookstein Fine Art

From Poetry to Pseudo-Politics
Ben Nicholson at Jacobson Howard; Alex Katz at Pace Wildenstein; Kwang-Young Chun at Kim Foster Gallery; Nancy Chunn at Ronald Feldman Fine Art

Art-Smart Catholicism
Review of “Post Modern Heretics: The Catholic Imagination in Contemporary Art” by Eleanor Heartney. New York: MidMarch Arts Press, 2004.

Land, Line and Color
Richard Diebenkorn prints in Katonah; Contemporary landscapes at Forum Gallery

Summer, Still
Peter Flaccus at Zabriskie; “Back to Paint” at C&M Arts; photogoraphic stuffs at Julie Saul

Summer Round-up
Willard Boepple at Salander O’Reilly; Cityscapes at George Billis; Joan Brown at George Adams; Plus post-industrial folk art and two-headed prima donnas.

Gallery-Going, June
Stanley Spencer at CDS Gallery; a fest at Lohin-Geduld; nocturnes at Elizabeth Harris

An Odd Night at the Movies
Odd Nerdrum at Forum Gallery; plus Gretna Campbell at Tibor de Nagy and Bill Scott at Hollis Taggart Galleries.

An American Original
Guy Péne du Bois at James Graham & Sons

The Discipline of Observation
Rackstraw Downes’ Drawings at The New York Studio School

Christopher Le Brun at Marlborough Chelsea

Two Artists Who Walked Away
Lee Bontecou at Knoedler & Company; Sarah G. Austin at Kimberly Venardos & Company

Gallery Going, May
Anita Huffington’s sculpture at O’Hara Gallery; Reality, Chelsea style at Spike Gallery; Vincent Pomilio at Van Brunt Gallery

Color Me Bored / Color Me Glad
Colored Pencil at KS Arts; Lori Bookstein’s stable

Travel Pictures
Alexander Creswell at Hirshl Adler Galleries; Dee Shapiro at Andre Zarre Gallery

Gallery Going, April
Victor Pesce at Elizabeth Harris Gallery; Irwin Kremen at ACA Galleries; Still Life at DC Moore.

Gallery Going, March
David Levine at Forum; trompe l’oeil at Hollis Taggart; photorealism at Bernaducci-Meisel

Three Approaches to Nature
Wendy Mark at Lori Bookstein Fine Art; The drawings of Rosemarie Beck and Paul Resika; Andrea Morganstern at Kimberly Venardos

The Human Figure: Presence or Decoration?
Vincent Desiderio at the Marlborough; Raymond Han’s Still Lives at Forum Gallery

An Exhibition and A Movie
Rosemarie Beck at the New York Studio School: plus Osama, the movie

The Disappearance of Adulthood
John Currin at the Whitney Museum

Red Indians and Academics
Caren Canier at Concordia Gallery

Martha Meyer Erlebacher at Forum Gallery
The dangers of literalism; plus, some last words of Susanna Coffey

Janet Malcolm / Susanna Coffey
Smart collages at Lori Bookstein Fine Art; Vacant painting at Tibor de Nagy

Christopher Columbus
Patron saint of everyone who misses the turnoff and winds up in Cleveland

Making Art and Faking It
Mario Naves at Elizabeth Harris Gallery; Yoko Ono revives Cut Piece

Summer Visits
Watercolor at Kouros Gallery; An accidental archive; A canvasser at home

Recent Orthodoxies
Review of WOMEN, ART, AND POWER AND OTHER ESSAYS. By Linda Nochlin, Harper & Row. 176pp.

The Zen of Painting and Some Other Things
Shigeno Ichimura at M.Y. Art Prospects; Fiber artists for peace

Making Pictures
John DuBrow at Salander-O'Reilly Galleries; Mel Ramos at Bernaducci-Meisel Gallery

Working From Life
An Interview with Tim Kennedy

Winter Curry II
Diana Horowitz at Hirschl Adler Modern; Don Beal at Prince Street Gallery; Gainsborough anyone?

Winter Curry
William Hudders at Tatischeff; The National Education Association at sea

Once Upon A Time in the West
David Lowe at Jeffrey Coploff Fine Art

Delectamenti, Uptown & Down
Marianne Gagnier at Maurice Arlos Fine Arts; Langdon Quin at Kraushaar Gallery

An Atelier & a Kunsthalle
Watercolor at the New York Studio School; Drawings at Marist College

High Gifts and Creative Intuition
Lennart Anderson at Salander-O'Reilly Galleries

Sweet September, In Town and Out
Leland Bell at Salander-O'Reilly Galleries

August, Art and the Catholic League
How to cope with cultural dementia

Necrophilia in the Studio
William Bailey at Robert Miller Gallery

Is There a Patch Test for Art Intolerance?
Caren Golden Fine Art

Gardenscapes with Brio
Lois Dodd at Fischbach Gallery

The Dinner Party is a Church Supper
Judy Chicago at the Brooklyn Museum

In the Studio Mirror
Steven Harvey at Gallery Schlesinger

The Legacy of Hans Hofmann
Selections from the Hofmann School

A Pastel Colorist
Janet Monafo at Hollis Taggart Galleries

Architecture of Cityscapes
Bernardo Siciliano at Forum Gallery

Finding the Tone
Romare Bearden's Monotypes; Robert Blackburn's Printmaking Workshop

View from a Tabernacle
Does style matter in the liturgical arts? [Reprinted from Crisis]

Blue Charm
Cynthia Knott at DC Moore Gallery

The Mystery of Form
Alan Magee at Hollis Taggart Galleries

Artists / Mentors
Faculty and students from the Art Students League, the Studio School and the National Academy at Denise Bibro Fine Arts

On Walls vs. On Wall Plaques
Biennial Exhibition 2000 at the Whitney Museum of American Art

The Contemporaneity of Tradition
Brett Bigbee at Tibor de Nagy Gallery

Porn in the U.S.A., Part I
Hard Cop, Soft Cop: Catharine MacKinnon and Andrea Dworkin on Pornography [Reprinted from The Nation]

Porn in the U.S.A., Part II
An Exchange of Letters [Reprinted from The Nation]

Our Bodies, Our Statues
Review of MONUMENTS & MAIDENS: The Allegory of the Female Form. By Marina Warner. Atheneum. 417 pp. [Reprinted from The Nation]

Viking Drag
Odd Nerdrum at Forum Gallery

Artistic Influence & Rhetoric
Jan Müller & Bob Thompson at Lori Bookstein Fine Art

Painting about Paintings
Anne Tabachnick at Lori Bookstein Fine Art

A Complementary Pairing
Mark Workman's Pennsylvania landscapes & Billy Sullivan's flower pastels at Fischbach Gallery

Previous essays on art and culture have appeared in a range of national publications, including: The Nation, Hudson Review, Commonweal, Crisis, Arts Magazine, Newsday, and The New York Times.

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